When the phrase ‘gentleman’ was first coined in the 12th Century, it referred to men born in a class of nobility. The gentlemen of that time were royals and valiant knights.
Of course, the concept of gentry has changed dramatically in the past several centuries. However, there are still some trademark characteristics – values, attitudes and behaviors that continue to separate gentleman from their less-amicable peers.
10 Things Gentlemen Do Differently
1. A gentleman always keeps a promise.
While some men make promises they cannot keep in an effort to gain affection, a gentleman knows what he can do and he commits to nothing more than that. Whether the promise is to his boss or a family member, it will be fulfilled.
2. A gentleman is honest.
If a gentleman makes a mistake, they will own up to it. If someone asks their opinion on something, they will give an honest answer.
That doesn’t mean they’ll do so without any tact. But you can be sure that gentlemen will give you a straight answer that is as close to the truth as a subjective human being can get.