Their perception on life is what separates them from the crowd. 

These are the people who take interest in theories, abstractions and exploration of things, almost non-existent in the real world. They tend to incline towards finding a deeper meaning and understanding of any given expression or thought and have more inclination towards what isn’t said or even considered than what is actually being expressed.

These 10 unusual behaviors at times makes them feel misunderstood by others, even people who are close to them.

1.Sparking debates:

Intuitives need to examine an issue from all perspectives which allow them to comprehend the actual meaning of any situation or a topic.  The reason they jump into debates is solely because of their own personal need to improve their understanding of the topic. By no means, they act   impolite or challenge others with their knowledge. They just want to inspect the legitimacy of the topic and check it from every angle to discover any shortcomings. Debating helps them to understand things in depth.