18 Things You Only Understand, If You Are an Anxious OverThinker


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18 Things You Only Understand, If You Are an Anxious OverThinker

It seems today there are a million things you can worry about. While technology continues to advance, in social media, it adds a bit of confusion, among relationships with people. There is a new form of unkindness, with every unfollow or not liking a picture. It’s passive aggressive. Where there was once a time, people could argue face to face, you don’t need to anymore.

But for the anxious over thinker, social media and a million outlets, just leave us wondering and confused and worried. If there is something to over think we’ll analyze it to the core, like it’s a research subject.

But inside the mind of an over-thinker is a dark and scary place to be. It’s made up scenarios and feeling like a prisoner inside our own minds, with no way of escaping. We just want to do things right and not hurt anyone or hurt ourselves along the way. But sometimes, the hardest thing about being an over-thinker, with anxiety, is just going with the flow of things, because we like understanding things, we like things being made simple. But it’s never that easy.

1. We read between the lines of every text.

We wonder how to respond? What is really being said? When to answer? What punctuation and emoji’s to use? We don’t want to seem to excited. We don’t want to seem like a bitch. And while others, may think nothing of a text, that took us 15 minutes to write, we’re shaking in our boots wondering.


2. And reread everything to see if we missed something, 

We reread conversations, more than once. We rethink everything, with different made up scenarios. We worry because we care.