I have known some incredibly strong people who continuously fall into difficult relationships over and over and can’t help but wonder why.  I’m sure there are many reasons this happens, and each is as individual as the person is.  But, it seems to me that strong people already know themselves so well and are able to dig so deeply to get rid of their own baggage, that it takes a really difficult relationship to push them out of their comfort zone.

In order for strong people to grow, they need a relationship that will challenge them.  Strong people also need a relationship that will teach them even more about themselves.  If you are wondering why you seem to have everything else flowing smoothly in your life except romance, it could be a sign that you are a strong soul.

1. They have many soulmate relationships

Some people consider a soulmate relationship to be the ultimate goal.  But, that’s not what a true soulmate relationship is.  Soulmates come into our lives in order to challenge our own soul in order to help us grow.

It is through these relationships that strong people often do their most healing and self-discovery.  This is because they are so good at being independent that merging with another person is where most of their weaknesses are highlighted.  While the relationship may not last, the effects of a soulmate relationship last a lifetime.

2. They attract people who need healing

Most strong people have the ability to heal themselves emotionally, so will attract people who need emotional healing.  Strong people are able to help other souls work through similar patterns or skeletons that they, themselves, have had to deal with.

If you are doing a lot of healing in your relationship, chances are that both of you are receiving the benefits.  The main thing to remember is that, if the healing is one-sided and you are feeling drained, it’s time to step back and consider whether this relationship is one that is helping you grow.

3. Strong people need to feel challenged

Strong people find their happiness in perseverance and commitment to something they can work on and grow with.  While this seems like a positive mindset to have, it can backfire when it affects how they choose their romantic partners.

A relationship only works if you’re willing to commit even when it’s difficult, not choose it simply because it is difficult

4. Difficult relationships make strong people even stronger

And it also makes them kinder, more loving, happier and more true to themselves.  Through the experience of a difficult relationship, a strong person will learn more about themselves – about their strengths and weaknesses – and will be better, stronger people because of it.

Thanks to Daily Vibes for this article.