Have you ever had a feeling that you were meant to do something special with your life? Do you find yourself wondering if you’re missing something? Or maybe just not on the right path? Do you know others who have expressed these feelings, and yet still go on continuing their mundane routine, just going through the motions? Unfortunately, there are people who even when they know deep down that they aren’t really reaching their potential, are just too cautious or frightened to take that leap into the unknown.

They would rather stay comfortable in what they’ve grown accustomed to, living a safe mediocre existence instead of risking failure or disappointment by seeking out adventure and greatness.

You don’t need to be one of those people though, because it’s all about choices and having the courage to answer your higher calling! If you’re on the fence about reaching for the stars and you need something to help you take that first step, here are 5 signs to look out for that mean your life has a greater purpose.

1. You are an unwavering idealist.

You live in the real world just like everyone else, but the difference for you is that no matter how dark or discouraging things seem to be, you never lose faith in the future or your fellow man. You hold an unshakeable belief that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, that small actions and singular people can affect great change and that the world always has the potential to be better, to be amazing.

This is a necessary characteristic in someone who is destined to make the world a better place.

2. You base your life on the principles of empathy and compassion.

You have probably never considered yourself particularly religious, more of a spiritual type, but if you did have a religion chances are you would say that it’s love. The most important standard you hold yourself to in your daily life is that of compassion, patience and empathy toward others. You feel most content and fulfilled when you can do something that helps others, even if it’s just a small favor or a chance to make somebody smile.

3. You need to be inspired to excel.

You probably have plenty of hobbies and interests, but you might find that once you start a project, unless you get that lightning bolt of inspiration right away, it just sits unfinished for a long time.

You may be skilled enough or a quick enough learner that you can do most things well once practiced, but when you find yourself truly inspired or touched with a vision, you are capable of magnificent achievements. You are meant to follow your passion, not just tow the line.

4. You care as much about humanity as you do about yourself.

This goes hand in hand with your natural inclination toward empathy and compassion, but it also goes beyond that. While you’re a normal person with dreams and ambitions of your own for your life, you also care greatly about the success and happiness of those around you, even that of the entire human race. You are affected on a much deeper level than most when a natural disaster strikes on the other side of the world. You feel you have a personal connection with all the members of the global community no matter who they are or whether you’ve ever met.

5. You struggle with the idea of being a cog in a machine.

It’s not that you can’t work as a part of a team or that you don’t want to help, but working as a nameless subordinate for a company/boss that seems selfish or small-minded just doesn’t sit well with you. You have difficulty understanding how some people can go through life only thinking about themselves, their own profits and material assets. You’re probably particularly opposed to large corporations and any company that doesn’t take care to treat employees with individual respect.
This is common in those with a higher purpose because deep within themselves, they know that they can rise above it. You have a hard time accepting things as they are because you were born to take charge and make the change you wish to see in the world.

So if you were wondering to yourself if perhaps it was time to step up, if you were looking for a sign, here it is! Go out and fulfill your true potential, live your truth and be the great person you were meant to be.

Thanks to Daily Vibes for this article.