“A wise man once said nothing.” —Proverb

I LOVE spending time on my own.

I’m not a narcissist.


Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

“Apply yourself both now and in the next life. Without effort, you cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, You cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation.”

J.K. Rowling

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.”

“No, there is literally nothing on the business side that I wouldn’t sacrifice in a heartbeat to have an extra couple of hours’ writing. Nothing.”

“Secretly we’re all a little more absurd than we make ourselves out to be.”