strong personality scare people

Part of having a strong personality is knowing exactly what you want and when you want it, and that is not always a fun-filled experience.

When you are not afraid to speak your mind and you’re bold when it comes to honesty; this can scare away a lot of people.

Here are seven ways that your boldness might be having an adverse effect, on your friends, family and work colleagues.

1. You don’t suffer fools

A part of life in most environments, whether it’s your family life, amongst friends or in the office, is well-natured ribbing or joking. However, as we all know jokes can go too far and often when this happens people shake it off and move on, not you. You will stop said joke-maker in his or her tracks and quietly explain to them that you will not take such nonsense.

You will never stand around and let someone, least of all yourself, be belittled or made fun of for no reason. Most people think this is an admirable quality, but others will run a thousand miles from your bold and honest comments.