7) The Manipulator/Narcissist

This is the most dangerous one of all. They have tons of charisma and charm, especially in the beginning. They know how to seduce a woman and will tell you whatever you want to hear… especially that he’s “never felt like this before” and feels “such a connection with you.”

Despite any red flags or things that don’t add up from his past, you fall hard fast. Once he has you where he wants you, the games will begin. He may love you, but he loves himself more. He lacks empathy for other people and if you ever question him or what he’s doing, he will manipulate you into thinking you’re insecure, jealous, paranoid or just plain crazy. At the end of the day, he’s out for him and only him and will use any form of manipulation to get what he wants.

Run…just run from this one, no matter how much you may love him.

Here’s the thing about all these different types of men: Most of their behavior is unconscious, not malicious, and they genuinely don’t realize that they are hurting anyone. That’s why it’s up to us to steer clear of them until they do the work they need to on themselves first.

Sometimes a patient, selfless woman can play a huge part in their healing, transformation and helping them become aware of their behavior and how it impacts others—if you want to take that on, my hat goes off to you.

Go in with your eyes wide open and some armor around your heart. These types of relationships can be emotionally exhausting, challenging and deeply painful when they end. Protect yourself by having a good understanding about what you may be getting into before you embark on a journey with anyone that matches these descriptions.

Thanks to Elephant Journal for this post.