4. The Girl Who Wants The Bad Boys

You’ve heard a thousand girls say it: “Why do I always fall for Jerks!?!” He treats her like crap and she goes home with him. She is attracted to his confidence, not his disregard for her feelings. She is attracted to his well taken care of body, not his Affliction tee shirts. She sees a man who can protect her, lead her and provide for her. He gives her the tingling feeling that overrides her better sense of judgment.

But he will have a thousand more “options,” just like her, and when she comes (back) to you, she will be thinking of him. You have two choices here: be her second choice, or be the “jerk” she’s lusting for. Well, three choices I guess. You could also just walk away.

Choice two is by far the best one here. Take care of yourself. Eat well. Lift weights. Be successful and educate yourself. I take this whole thing back—if she wants the bad boy, be the bad boy. Hopefully you can do this without becoming a d*ck.