5. The Girl Who Doesn’t Love You In Return

Have you read that love languages book? No? Read it! Learn what it means and what it feels like to be loved. You are not there just to buy her flowers and rub her back and take her to nice dinners and buy her a pretty dress and compliment her and learn her favorite dance and make all of her dreams come true. She has to reciprocate the love and it has to be in a way that you value and appreciate.

If she doesn’t “love” you in the way that you recognize, things will go badly. You’ll resent her or you’ll pity yourself. Good news is, if she really does love you, you two can talk it out and she can learn to do the things that show how much she appreciates you.

But if after a long period of time the relationship seems one sided, well, it probably is. It takes work, but it has to come from both sides. This one is tough, but if she doesn’t love you back, walk away.