Via Elyane Youssef

Flickr/Patrick HumphriesAlthough I knew that I could never let someone else look through my lens and I could never look through theirs, I insisted on letting the other person know how I felt, what I thought, why I was hurt and what I believed should’ve happened.

I wanted to be understood.

I was hoping my emotions would be grasped and my thoughts swallowed whole. It wasn’t about being right or wrong, it was about being heard. I thought if the friend or partner who hurt me understood my bruises, they could put out the fire burning in my chest.

But frankly, it was f*cking tiring.

Desiring to be heard and understood requires a whole lot of energy and effort. And there’s a high probability that this person will never fully get your emotions or thoughts—just like you won’t get theirs.

With time, I began to lose my sense of peace. I started losing who I am while trying to “prove” who I am.

Then one day, I said f*ck it—I don’t want to be understood, I just want to be at peace.