“When we are intimate with another human being, we become even more connected through energetic cords that are left on us and in us.”- Arielle Ford

More often than not, lovers made vows and they always want that these are eternal even they knew that they were being pulled by unexpected life’s changes in different ways, sweeping them away into new lives and changed worlds. I’ll always be here for you when you need me. Always count on me no matter what may happen. That even how many times you broke my heart, it will always be opened for you.

But you have to consider some important things. When the relationship ended, don’t be tempted to stay with an Ex even if you think there is still a little piece of love in your heart. In a relationship, there are two kinds of endings: the happy ending and the sad ending.

And if you’re the one being left and experiencing a very sad ending because (s)he ceased to get in touch with you, that perhaps (s)he has decided something else in life. It hurts to lose someone you have learned to love. But it hurts even more if you cling on to someone who perhaps has decided to find the way about life without you. Remember: No matter what, life must go on.

Here are the reasons why you should cut the cord with an Ex:

If your Ex hurt you once, it will be repeated over and over again: This is quite so true. There is something so splendid, so abundant about life’s second chances that arrived each morning. Perhaps second chances (third, fourth and fifth) are the golden opportunities we thought too good to be true the first time around. But if an Ex really loves you then that Ex will never hurt you and will never leave you no matter what. Getting back together may seem so sweet or exciting but people are difficult to change. Don’t prolong any masquerade because it will depreciate you while your Ex gets away with murder.

To remove old and negative patterns: Old and negative patterns if not being cut will let you stuck in a rut. It will never clear the baggage that may have accumulated all throughout the time you spent together. Don’t let this drain or suck away your ability to enjoy life. Focus on the positive aspects. Get rid of the echoes of the past.