You’ll often find that the most toxic people in your life started out as the nicest. But they weren’t nice- they were fake.

We need friends in our lives; they help us to keep things balanced when we can’t do it ourselves. In fact, friendships are one of the most important relationships in our lives. But sometimes, telling the difference between the real ones and the fake ones can be tricky. Especially when you want to believe in the best in people.

Here is a helpful guide to show you how to spot the really nice folks from the fake ones.

1. They Will Support Your Choices.

As long as they are genuinely good for you. An authentic friend will support your choices, goals, and dreams, whatever they might be.

2. They Love The “Weirdness” About You.

All of us have traits or quirks that are considered slightly odd. A real friend will love you for them- not despite them.